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Court Ordered Anger Management - Coastal Stress & Anger Management ServicesCourt Ordered Anger Management Classes

If you have been ordered by the court or required by your employer to take anger management courses, you have a legal and moral obligation to complete said training.

At Coastal Stress & Anger Management Services, we offer court ordered anger management designed to diffuse or eliminate the possible angry outburst, including road rage. In this proven training model, the often inevitable ”loss of control” is seldom the result.  New and productive habits and responses are learned, and along with improved coping skills, you are given alternate ways of handling more productively what had initially has triggered the anger.

Our sessions can satisfy your court ordered or employer’s request for anger management training.

When necessary, David Singer works hand-in-hand with doctors, therapists, counselors, and other licensed professionals to combine these stress / anger-management tools with other therapeutic interventions. The result of it is an individualized and carefully facilitated Anger Management Program. Reached out to us to learn more about court ordered anger management.

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David A. Singer - Coastal Stress & Anger Management Services
David A. Singer

Contact me now or call 908-216-7898 for information on anger management classes.  David A. Singer M.Ed is a Masters Degree graduate of New York University’s School of Education, Health, Nursing, and Arts Professions.

Through this training and experience, David trains his clients and students to use skills and techniques to address stressful life challenges successfully.

As a life coach and stress management professional David has, for over 35 years, communicated to individuals and groups about the choices available in taking effective control of their lives. There are techniques available to us which, with practice, can drastically restructure our ability to filter life’s ‘stressors’ – in our business as well as personal relationships.

Founder and director of Coastal Stress & Anger Management Services, David has been incorporating his expansive education and self-regulation since 1981 and has helped individuals and families reclaim their sense of well being.