David A. Singer
David A. Singer

Below are customer comments and testimonials Coastal Stress and Anger Management Services has received over the years.  We have helped hundreds of people learn how to identify and manage stressful challenges that occur in everyday life.  Enjoy our client comments and we hope to hear from you soon.

D.H. Allenhurst, NJ

“I’ve been a client of David for only a short period of time, but within that period of time he really demonstrated to me a revised approach of thinking and analyzing situations in real time so that they would not increase my frustration level. Over time, this approach has consistently helped me daily and for that I cannot thank David enough!”

Holly P

“I first learned about David Singer at my workplace where he conducted a workplace stress management seminar.  I was too nervous to speak up at the time so I contacted David to talk about individual sessions.  David is very calm and explained all of my options.  He really put my mind at ease with the process.  My individual sessions with David have really helped me constructively understand and deal with my stress in a way that allows me to take control.  Thank you David! ”

Andrew L

“I’ve been dealing with road rage internally my entire adult life. After realizing I could no longer control my road rage I began seeing David. While I am a work in progress I can instantly see the benefits of understanding what is happening to me and David providing me the knowledge to control and diffuse my anger. Thank you!”

Howard F

“In a world full of anger and stress, David Singer is a true healer of the soul and mind. I never believed I could obtain the level of peace and serenity that I feel since working with David. He is a miracle worker for the irritable and discontent individual looking to live a happier life.”


“I have been a client of David’s for only a short time but in that time he has taught me peace and balance in my life. David has given me life tools to deal with any situation and to grow positively in life. I am forever thankful for David coming into my life. Thank you David”

Stan J

“I have been a client of David’s for the past few years where he has not only become my life coach but also a good friend. Through David’s training, I have been able to find a peace in my life that I thought was never possible. Life still throws me curve balls but now I have a good chance I can hit them!”

Rebecca S.

“Working with David Singer in a workshop has helped me to deal with my anxiety in a way I never thought possible. I have learned to maintain a positive attitude and live life to the fullest with my family.”

Debbie Forte VP of Marketing/HR Associate

“YMCA of Western Monmouth County“ Excellent workshop. Very informative, relaxing and fun! My staff was happy to attend this training.”

Joan C – Seminar Participant – Monmouth County

“Thanks for the most interesting talk on stress and autogenic training.  It helped me to remember what I can do to help myself when those stressors aren’t being screened right.

I have had some good talks with my son also on how to handle the stress.  Thanks for sharing your info with the Holmdel community.”.

Diane M., CPC    (Insurance Coders Seminars)

“I had the opportunity of hearing Mr. Singer speak at my local AAPC conference.  Mr. Singer spoke for an hour about Stress Management.  He made it very interesting, entertaining and educational.   He showed us how and why it is important to relax each day.  Mr. Singer added some humor and interacted very well with the audience.  People participated in answering and asking questions.  Mr. Singer enjoys his profession in helping others, it shows in his lectures.”

T.W. – Central New Jersey

“To put it simply, David Singer is absolutely the BEST!!! I suffered with severe panic attack disorder. My doctor suggested I receive training with David, and through his techniques I was able to overcome my debilitating condition.  David assisted me greatly by teaching me how to better deal with stressors through the use of deep relaxation methods which I use daily.  His autogenic training CD was truly a life-saver for me as well!  Just listening to it once a day helps ease away my stress. David Singer is kind, caring, and professional.  He really goes out of his way to help his clients make sense of it all!!! ”