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Virtual Conferencing Anger Management Sessions

Skype - Virtual Sessions and ConferencesWe are proud to introduce virtual coaching and anger management sessions. Our new virtual online sessions includes a stress free FREE INDIVIDUAL CONSULTATION.

Our video conferencing stress management option is great way for you to connect to Stress and Anger Management Services.  This tool is available for you in the event you are Zoom - Virtual Audio and Video Conferencingnot able to make it to our office for a coaching or stress management session. For this individual session you are required to have the Skype application which is available for desktop computers using operating systems by Apple/MAC, PC, Linux, Android Device/Tablet, and iPhone/iPad.  You will nee a high speed Internet connection for the best results.

External Link – Complete Skype Requirements.
External Link – Complete Zoom Requirements.

There are several benefits available to our online clients. Here are those benefits and what you can initially expect.

    1. A very affordable, confidential and personalized video conferencing, using your Skype account, is available for all Stress Management and Anger Management clients, throughout North America, including Canada. (Fluency in English is required)
    2. A free phone consultation (908-216-7898 – Tap to Call) will help determine what you your stress management related needs are and how using Skype on a scheduled basis can be made available to you…immediately and in the privacy of your home or office.
    3. During our initial free consultation, we will discuss concerns such as fees, time duration, and together assess your stress and life coaching needs.
    4. Virtual court related anger management classes are also available including road rage sessions. These are confidential, one-on-one sessions. When applicable, letters to courts, attorneys, and prosecutors are included in this program.
    5. PayPal is available as a payment option including using Visa and MasterCard.
    6. Zoom, Skype, and WhatsApp online video conferencing services available between Monday – Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time. Saturday hours are from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM Eastern Time.  Ask for David Singer and mention that you are interested in our Confidential Video Conferencing.

While anger is usually a very normal and even necessary state, it often comes from deeper human / psychological causes. When this is the case, referral to a licensed professional, including a psychologist or psychiatrist, is crucial.

Please keep in mind that Stress Management offered through this service is NOT to be confused with or considered a replacement for psychological counseling. Our format is educational and not medical or psychological. Contact your local area hospital or your primary care physician, for referrals to such therapeutic or counseling professionals.

At Coastal Stress and Anger Management Services , the focus is always placed on methods and techniques, designed to diffuse or eliminate the possible angry outburst. In this proven training model, we find that the often inevitable ”loss of control” is seldom the result. New and productive habits and responses are learned, and along with improved coping skills, the individual is given alternate ways of handling more productively what initially has triggered the anger.

David Singer works hand-in-hand with doctors, therapists, counselors, and other licensed professionals – when necessary – to combine these stress / anger-management tools with other therapeutic interventions. What results is an individualized and carefully facilitated Anger Management Program.

Contact David A. Singer

David A. Singer
David A. Singer

Contact me now or call 908-216-7898 for information on anger management classes.  David A. Singer M.Ed is a Masters Degree graduate of New York University’s School of Education, Health, Nursing, and Arts Professions.

Through this training and experience, he is well versed in training his clients and students in the skills and techniques needed to address stressful life challenges successfully.  As a life coach and stress management professional David has, for over 35 years, communicated to individuals and groups about the choices available in taking effective control of their lives. There are techniques available to us which, with practice, can drastically restructure our ability to filter life’s ‘stressors’ – in our business as well as personal relationships.

Founder and director of Coastal Stress and Anger Management Services, David has been incorporating his expansive education and experience in biofeedback education and self-regulation since 1981. He has been helping individuals and families reclaim their sense of well being ever since.