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Stress Management Training

Stress Management Services | | Man Under StressDavid A. Singer, M. Ed., offers STRESS MANAGEMENT TRAINING for adults and children, 13 years of age and older. The ultimate goal of this training and reinforcement approach is to identify the issues and introduce the client to various straightforward options and techniques for providing constructive coping skills.

Individual & Group Consultations and Training

Stress Management Services | | Stress-Free CoupleDavid A. Singer, M. Ed. will gladly schedule private consultations in person or on Skype/Zoom/WhatsApp by appointment. Most calls are returned during the same day.

David Singer’s services are considered “education,” not “treatment,” and are not billable to third-party insurance carriers. Generous and flexible sliding-scale fees are offered to all clients, groups, and families. Most in-person sessions are between 50 and 60 minutes in length.

Stress Management Training Workshops

Stress SeminarCoastal Stress & Anger Management Services has been providing Stress Management Seminar Training to corporate groups for  35+ years.

These workshops include large and small businesses, education institutions – both public and private – as well as training within the medical community. Group size is not a concern. We can tailor a seminar strategy that meets your staff or workforce’s size, availability, and needs. Call us at 908-216-7898 to learn more about our stress management services.

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David A. Singer
David A. Singer

Contact me now or call 908-216-7898 for information on anger management classes.  David A. Singer M.Ed is a Masters Degree graduate of New York University’s School of Education, Health, Nursing, and Arts Professions.

Through this training and experience, David trains his clients and students to use skills and techniques to address stressful life challenges successfully.

As a life coach and stress management professional David has, for over 35 years, communicated to individuals and groups about the choices available in taking effective control of their lives. There are techniques available to us which, with practice, can drastically restructure our ability to filter life’s ‘stressors’ – in our business as well as personal relationships.

Founder and director of Coastal Stress and Anger Management Services, David has been incorporating his expansive education and experience in biofeedback education and self-regulation.  Since 1981 he has helped individuals and families reclaim their sense of well being.